FANPAGE FOR YAMAHA® NS-10M (music studio loudspeakers)

The official YAMAHA® NS-10M and YAMAHA® NS-10M STUDIO monitor speakers fan page!
April 4, 2008

On this website you can find everything about the legendary YAMAHA NS-10M and YAMAHA NS-10M STUDIO reference monitor speakers.

The Yamaha NS-10M (aka NS10M) studio reference monitor speaker is widely popular amongst audio professionals, and is notorious for its very flat frequency response even to the point that they are not pleasant to listen to. The wants and needs of the audio engineer are different than the typical consumer, so this is a welcome thing as the NS-10M monitors will reveal the truth of mix. The NS-10M studio monitors are almost an industry standard for mixing and are easily recognized by their standout white mid-range driver.

This plattform started on 4th of April 2008 and was initiated by Frank Baumgartner who is a big NS-10 fan himself. We will continuously work on this plattform. Any help, comments and of course links to our site are highly welcome!

Thank You!



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